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Happy converting!

We are rewriting Playlist Buddy to be faster, smarter, and better

2018-06-17 Scott Walsteadannouncements

To better serve you, the lovely people who make Playlist Buddy possible, I’m rewriting the entire site. So what does this mean?

Playlist Buddy was orginally written 4 years ago, when I was still in college and had far less programming experience. So in layman’s terms, Playlist Buddy is old. Like really old…

Technology moves quickly and the skills of a programmer improve dramatically over time. So by redoing the internals of the web app, the site will be faster, more secure, and I’ll be able to develop new features quicker. The pain of working with legacy code and trying to overcome a mountain of tech debt can quickly turn a passionate side project into the equivalent of walking on a bed of hot coals.

Life gets busy

I guess what I am saying is I’m sorry that I didn’t prioritize this project as much as I should’ve over the past year. The 9-5 job, friends, vacation, studying, sports, and the gym leave little room for coding. It’s tough to code for 8 hours a day and then run home to code for another few hours each night. Sometimes I feel like a chef who cooks all day who comes home, not wanting to cook, and orders Pizza Hut delivery. In life we need to unplug our jobs from time to time to relax and recharge our batteries.

Now that my batteries are full, I’m committed to delivering the next iteration of Playlist Buddy to you.

Technical details

Updating to a modern tech stack (React, Axios) and hosting the website on Netlify to improve performance and security with features like a distribution network, HTTPS and HTTP/2.