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The best and cheapest cell plan by far

2018-12-9 Scott Walsteadannouncements

Unlimited calling and texting for $20 a month on fast 4G networks provided by Google!!

Month to month, no contract.

So I just signed up for Google Fi and wanted to share this with everyone since I think it’s amazing.

Before you read on…

Automatic network switching only works well with Google smartphones and supported Android phones. They are still working on iPhone support. It works, just not as well as devices built for Google Fi.

Only $20 a month.. Insane deal!

For unlimited calling and texting. That’s probably way cheaper than what you pay now! Then you pay $10 per GB of data but they only charge for the first 6 GBs, after that it’s free. So it’s essentially $80 for unlimited. You could use 15GB and still only pay $80 a month!

International Travel

And if you travel a lot, here’s the best part, you have unlimited texting and the same fast data plan in 180 countries around the world, calling is 20 cents a minute though if you aren’t on WiFi. Verizon charges $10 a day for that.. So a month abroad is essentially free vs. $300 with Verizon.

Speed and Quality

The best part is the service automatically switches between 3 major cell phone networks (T-Mobile, AT&T, a regional carrier) and securely connects to WiFi hotspots so it’s constantly delivering the fastest 4G connection to you.

Your own phone

Bringing your own phone? The first month is free ($20 off) for a limited time.

Buy a phone

Buying a new phone? They have $100-$300 credits available on select Android phones when you sign up for Fi.

I’ll pay you part of my bonus if you are one of the first 4 to sign up

If you use my referral code, you get an additional $20 in credit. I’ll personally Venmo you $20 extra if I get paid my side of the referral bonus (only first 4 signups give me the bonus). You must sign up before January 6th though. It’s month to month with no contracts so nothing to lose.

My referral code

Use my referral code 2D19XT at checkout or click this link to have it apply automatically.

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